Arguably more than any other musical genre, the tango epitomizes romance – or should I say desire – in all its varieties. Though Latin in origin, tango is really an international genre, as this [project by Serouj Kradjian] amply demonstrates. Prominently featured are of course the magical pieces by the famous Argentinean tango masters Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazolla. But equally important are the works by Danish, German, Egyptian and Armenian composers featured on this disc. In fact, one of the most popular of all tango melodies, “Jalousie”, was written by Jacob Gade, a Dane; and the more adventurous minded should seek out a highly enjoyable disc sung by, of all people, the great basso profundo Matti Salminen in a delicious selections of Finnish tango music!”

My Scena

“Tango has the the power to pull two strangers together into one, to dance out their desires...to be great lovers and heroes, if only for a moment. It's the whisper of sensuality brought on by the hint of perfume. The tango is also the glamour of the ballroom and the allure of the underworld. It's the opulence of Paris and the smoky darkness of a Buenos Aires cafe. It's the world of subtle metaphors that captures the melancholy heart (Guadalupe Jolicoeur, host of This is the Tango).”

Although tango originated in Argentina and Uruguay, it is not limited to the bars and dance clubs of Latin America. As you will discover with Tango Notturno, tango fever is an international "epidemic". In addition to classics by Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla, this concert features instrumental and song tangos from Denmark, France, Italy, Finland, Armenia and Egypt!