As a Grammy nominated composer and arranger, Serouj Kradjian is regularly commissioned by organizations and artists both in North America and Europe. Versatile in his approach to both domains, his compositional output includes cantatas, symphonic works, chamber music, vocal and choral works; His arrangements and orchestrations range from chansons to folksongs from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, flamenco to tango, samba and bossa-nova. 

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Armenian Sacred Music (for soprano, women's choir and violoncello)

Zartir Nazeli (Arise, Graceful One) (4:27)

Khngi Dzarin (Frankincense Tree) (3:52)

Mayr Yev Gouys (Immaculate Mother) (2:58)

Hamemad Kez (Incomparable One) (4:57)

Varaneem (Burdened with Sins) (4:35)

 Avedis Kez Mariyam (Good Tidings to You, Mary) (4:34)

 Aghers ar Diramayr (Plea to Mother of God)* (5:06)

Diramayrn (Mother of the Lord) (2:50)

 Badjar yev Sgizpn (Cause and Origin) (3:47)

Zandjareli Looso Mayr (Mother of Light) (2:39)

Sharaganner (Sharagans from Holy Week) (2:46)

 Asdvadzadzin Yergnayin (Divine Mother of God) (1:30)

Zgousoutyount Ko (O Pure God Bearer)* (1:26)

 Aysor Joghovyal (The Saints Are Gathered) (2:51)

Antaram Dzaghig (Eternal Flower) (2:56)

 Panin Hor (Word of the Father) (4:10)

Oor es Mayr Im (Where Are You, My Mother?)* (6:16)


Tangos from around the world (for voice, violin, piano, cello, bandoneon/clarinet & bass)

Tcheknagh Yeraz (Beautiful Dream) (A. Babadjanian)

Ya Zahratan Fee Khayalee (The Flower of My Imagination), Fareed El-Atrache

Satumaa (Unto Mononen)


Por una cabeza, (Carlos Gardel)

Volver, (Carlos Gardel)

El día que me quieras (Carlos Gardel)

Che Bandoneón

La Cumparsita (Matos Rodrigues)

Youkali, (Kurt Weill)

Oblivion, (Astor Piazzolla)

Tango Notturno, (Pola Negri)

Che Tango Che, (Astor Piazzolla)

Preludio para el año 3001, (Astor Piazzolla)

Roxanne  (Police)

Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)

Armenian Songs by Komitas for voice & chamber ensemble/orchestra/choir

Gakavi yerke (Song of the Partridge)

Manoogneroo  Hayr mer (Children's Prayer)

Yerginkn ambel e / Antsrevn yegav (The Cloudy Sky / It's Raining)

Dzirani Dzar (Apricot Tree)

Karoon a (Spring)

Alakyaz / Khngi dzar (Mount Alakyaz / Incense Tree)

Keler tsoler (Striding, Beaming)

Hoy Nazan / Shakhgr shookhgr (Oh Nazan / Jingle-Jangle)

Kele kele (Strolling)

Chinar es (Tall as the Poplar Tree)

Chem grna khagha (I Cannot Dance)

Ervoom em / Shogher jan   (I'm Burning With Love / Dear Shogher)

Voh inch kaghtsr pan (Oh, What a Delight!)

Groong (The Crane)

Andooni (Without a Home)

Hov Arek (Make a breeze)

Lament Dle Yaman



Little Lamb

Koon Yeghir balas


Oror/Lullaby by Parsegh Ganatchian for voice/orchestra

Oror by Alexan Menagian for Violin/Piano

Songs from Canada (for voice, clarinet, cello & piano)

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (M - Ernest Seitz, L - Gene Lockhart) 

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) 

Le Vieux Piano (M - Claude Léveillée,  L - Henri Contet)

A Case of You (Joni Mitchell) 

Un Canadien Errant (Antoine Gérin-Lajoie) 

Red River Valley (Trad.)

Chants du Québec (Serouj Kradjian)

Maple Leaf Forever Rag (Scott Joplin / Serouj Kradjian)

Huron Carol - Sacrae Familiae (Jean de Brébeuf / Charles-Amador Martin)  

Underground Railroad Songs (Trad.)  

Morrison's Jig  (Trad.)  

Inspired by Newfoundland (Serouj Kradjian)

Lettre à Louis Riel  (Trad.) 

Mrs. Maqi Denny's Lullaby (Trad.)

Ma Cabane au Canada (M - Loulou Gasté, L - Mireille Brosey)

49th Parallel: Prelude (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Mon Pays (Gilles Vignault)

Songs by Maurice Ravel

Kaddisch  (voice-orchestra)

Kaddisch (voice-clarinet trio)

Five Greek Songs (voice-orchestra)

Tripatos (voice-orchestra)

L’enigme eternelle (voice-orchestra)

Troubadour Songs by Sayat Nova

Graceful One (Nazani)

The Nightingale (Blbooli hit)

As long as I’m alive (Kani voor jan im)


Four Songs by Richard Strauss



Die Nacht


Ach weh mir unglückhaftem Mann

Cinco Canciones Negras by Xavier Montsalvatge

Cubo dentro de un piano

Punto de Habañera


Canción de cuna para dormir un negrito

Canto negro





Monasterio de Sal

Entre Dos Aguas

Historia de Paganini

Fado (voice, piano, guitar, accordion)

Estranha forma de vida

Fado Triste

Fado Tropical


Arabian Waltz- Rabih Abou Khalil 

Bohemian Rhapsody - Freddie Mercury

Espera Esperanto

Je ne regrette rien

La Tarantula Gimenez

Mae D’Agua

Noel des Enfants

Reaching for the Moon

Lamma bada yatathanna

Song to the moon

West Side Story Suite for chamber ensemble 

Time, Forward by Georgy Sviridov 

Siete Conciones Españolas by Manuel De Falla (voice, piano, cello, percussion) 


El Paño Moruno

- Nana 

- Jota 

Seguidilla Murciana


Danse Macabre Saint Saens (for clarinet, violin, cello, piano)